Save Me!

The world seemed so bright. The light shined upon me warming my soul. Every day was the greatest adventure of my life. I had that pep in my step and greeted the world with a glimmer in my eye, a smile on my face. My heart beated with joy, my lungs drawn in the crisp, clean air. Life was bright and everything was right.

Suddenly the world has turned dim. The brightness is gone, turned to bleak and gray. My skin and soul feel deprived of life, suffering, crying, dying inside. What happened? Am I ill? I lived for the moment and driven by thrill. Now, it all seems so long ago, my spirit is fading… where did it go?

Gone! This world has crushed me deep into the ground. Buried me alive, suffering in the dark. My mind was sharp and quick with a quip. Now I am tired, dull and feel sick. Boulder upon boulder sits on my shoulders. Pinning me down. My body is collapsing under the great weight. My lungs can’t draw a breath, my body begins to shake.

I was strong, now I am weak. I suffer in silence, afraid to make a peep. The pain is severe, my body is fine. My mind though… my mind is circling, can’t concentrate, can’t make sense. Every blessing seems like a curse. I scream for help from deep within my soul, my mouth is shut for fear the world be told.

What can I do? The sky is getting darker. The world is slowing down. I suffer! It isn’t quick! It weighs on me and brings me down. This is how it feels to be sick in the head with a disease. Suffering in silence, putting on a show. Hoping the world doesn’t see, what dwells below.

Depression has its claws sunk into me. I can’t pull free and I feel so weak. The world is bleaker, laughter is rare. I wish for one solid breath of fresh air, I’m drowning…all alone here. Revive me, save me, lift me up high. I need help breaking free from the disease in my mind. What friends do I have? Who really cares? My mind is dwindling! How do I stop? What can be done? I can’t get out of my head! I need help. Someone offer a hand and pull me out. Set me right, show me the light. Set my mind free and make my world bright. I beg of thee, please…save me.

Author: Bradley Armentrout

Date: 01 October 2019

Published by Bradley Armentrout

Author, Blogger, Freelancer

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