Why Military Service Members want to go on Deployment.

The general public usually has a difficult time understanding why military men and women want to deploy to combat zones. To most people this seems like an irrational decision. To choose to put one’s self in harm’s way, in combat, is not something most people would choose. So why do the military service members desire to do just that? This blog is going to break down some of the basic reasons our brave men and women in the military volunteer for combat deployments.

Garrison Stress versus Deployment Stress

Combat is stressful! However, combat is a simple stress. The primary stress of being in combat is protecting the soldier’s life and their brothers and sisters in arms. Following rules of engagement and ensuring everyone comes back home, alive and safe. This is a very stressful position to be in!

However, compared to civilian life is combat truly that stressful? Let us look at the stress of Garrison (Non deployed) life. A plethora of bills to be paid, by their due date. Money is not the issue; time is the issue when it comes to paying these bills. Those due dates can slip right by as a service member is in the field doing training with their unit. Also combat pay and tax-free pay is a mighty amazing thing. The bills that remain while in combat seem a lot smaller when the government isn’t taking their large share.

Traffic! Traffic is everywhere, especially on post. The worry of making formation on time due to the limited number of entrance gates open to post every morning. Sitting in lines to drop kids off at school, pick kids up at school, even to just grab a bite to eat from the local burger joint!

Arguments with family. When service members are in combat, communication is minimal and must be taken advantage of. Misunderstandings, fights, disagreements these are often dismissed as to prevent either party of the relationship from getting upset during a deployment. However, back home, these fights are happening. The peace of family in combat can become a personal warzone for these soldiers when they are home.

A Soldiers Life Needs Purpose.

Many people all over the world feel resentment toward their employer. They feel as though they are disposable and serve no greater purpose. Service members on deployment have a mission. They are instructed on their role for that mission and how they are important for that mission. Each mission matters and they get to see that mission to completion. Feeling a sense of purpose is a major factor in motivation.

The need to do what they trained for!

For this section lets discuss a hypothetical situation. Congratulations! You have completed your education and residence as a doctor specializing in surgery! You have studied, worked and applied yourself to this pursuit for so long and cannot wait to get into the operating room. Unfortunately, you are now going to flip burgers at a restaurant. How would you feel? Assuming this situation it would be valid to feel overqualified, disappointed, stressed, no purpose, no motivation, feel like a failure, extremely unhappy.

Now service members have done just that. Service members went through their basic training and job training. They passed all the test, maintain physical fitness and constantly train with their units to perform their specialty. When deployed service members feel accomplished! All the handwork, determination and training has paid off and they are performing their “surgery”. When not deployed they may be given several minute tasks that they are not interested in doing. This is where unhappiness occurs. When people, military or not, are unable to do the job they are trained to do. They will be extremely unhappy.

Support our service members!

Service members love the United States! Maybe not every aspect of it, but it is their home and they are proud of the United States of America. The stress of everyday life is far more stressful than the normal days on deployment. Deployment provides a sense of purpose and drive to the service members that they cannot obtain when they are not deployed. Also doing the job they are trained to do! Afterall, very few surgeons want to flip burgers for a living!

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