Who is Bradley Armentrout

Bradley Armentrout is currently an active duty soldier in the United States Army. The first eight years of his career were as a combat medic. As a medic he served in Kentucky, Afghanistan, Hohenfels Germany and Hawaii. The last four years he has been serving as a recruiter. He served three years in Kentucky as a enlisted recruiter and is currently serving in West Virginia as an AMEDD recruiter. As an AMEDD recruiter he is meeting with medical professionals and medical students.

Mr. Armentrout currently holds an Associates degree in General Studies (AA). A Bachelors degree in Management with a concentration in Leadership (BA). He is currently attending the University of Charleston in West Virginia, pursing a Masters of Science degree in Strategic Leadership (MSSL).

Mr. Armentrout is married with three children. He was inspired to write when his now deceased mother and him both wrote into a poetry competition twenty four years ago. Through his travels, experience and education he is comfortable writing on a wide variety of subjects.

Together lets change the world!

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